We are a bunch of curious humanbeings and one cat (Hippie).

We spread some magic around the world:

Buenos Aires | Santiago de Chile | Mexico D.F | São Paulo

& virtually everywhere.

We havesuperpowers(and use themall together):
Plan & Strategy
Digital Innovation
Retail & Environment
Visual Arts
Plan &Strategy.

We create brands that matter & have a positive impact on the world. We're the ones behind the wheel, choosing the road, guiding the way and making a stop whenever anyone needs a break to go to the toilette.


On one hand, we believe we can change the world with a Wi-Fi connection and a phone. On the other, we'll probably won't remember your birthday unless Facebook sends us a notification. We develop digital strategies & platforms that give you a smile, make your life better, tell you a story or all of the above.

Retail &Environment.

Ever dream of going to places where everything looks like a picture taken from a Pinterest board? Well, we make that happen. We build spaces and stores that are absolutely functional and make you feel at home at the same time. Just try to keep your shoes on ;)

Visual Arts.

We're Illustrator ninjas & photography wizards. We give jaw dropping makeovers and design brand identities that should have their own wall in the Louvre. Our kryptonite? That thingy called “Comic Sans”.

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Hyper IslandAmbassadors(since 2014)